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9 Best Motorcycle Rides in Arkansas

Matt Ferrell

Originally from Houston TX, Matt moved to Little Rock with his wife in 2018...

Originally from Houston TX, Matt moved to Little Rock with his wife in 2018...

Jan 19 6 minutes read

1. Pig Trail Scenic Byway (26 miles)

The Pig Trail Scenic Byway, stretching 26 miles through the heart of the Ozark Mountains, is a feast for the senses. This route is renowned for its stunning vistas of undulating hills and dense forests, particularly captivating during the fall foliage season. Riders are treated to a delightful experience with twists and turns that make the journey thrilling yet accessible for riders of all skill levels. Along the way, there are opportunities to stop and appreciate the natural beauty, making it a favorite among photography enthusiasts and nature lovers.

My personal favorite which is the Pig Trail because it's great for beginners due to its length, and also has the ability to connect over to some other amazing rides.

2. Arkansas Route 123 (63 miles)

Spanning 63 miles, Arkansas Route 123 is not just a road; it's a journey through the state's splendid natural landscapes. Riders traverse rolling hills, venture through dense forests, and ride alongside the picturesque Buffalo River. This route is particularly appealing for those seeking a longer ride that combines both beauty and challenge. The serpentine roads offer an exhilarating experience, while the scenic overlooks provide perfect spots for a restful pause, making it a must-ride for serious bikers.

3. Arkansas Route 7 (156 miles)

Connecting Little Rock to Harrison, this expansive 156-mile route is a showcase of Arkansas's diverse scenery. The journey on Arkansas Route 7 takes bikers through some of the most picturesque landscapes, including lush valleys and dense woodlands. The road is known for its curvatures that run through the hills and forests, offering a stimulating ride. It's a path that combines natural beauty with the thrill of riding, ideal for bikers who relish long-distance adventures.

4. Clarksville to Jasper (102 miles)

This 102-mile journey from Clarksville to Jasper is a splendid exhibition of the Ouachita Mountains' majestic beauty. The route is a paradise for bikers, offering panoramic views of verdant forests and rolling hills. The road winds gracefully through the mountains, providing an exhilarating riding experience. This route is particularly noted for its tranquil and less crowded paths, making it a serene escape for riders seeking peace amidst nature.

5. Fort Smith to Eureka Springs (117 miles)

Traversing through the Ozark Mountains over 117 miles, this route connects Fort Smith to Eureka Springs. It's a journey filled with scenic landscapes, historic landmarks, and charming towns. Riders will enjoy the variety of sights, from the natural beauty of the mountains to the unique character of small towns along the way. The route also offers a blend of gentle stretches and challenging twists, catering to a wide range of riding preferences.

6. Push Mountain Rd to Mountain View (46 miles)

The 46-mile stretch from Push Mountain Road to Mountain View is a compact yet captivating ride. It runs through the scenic Ozark Mountains, offering riders a visual treat of rolling hills and lush forests. The road is known for its well-maintained surface and smooth curves, making it a delightful experience for bikers. This route is particularly popular for its scenic overlooks, which provide stunning views and a chance to relax and soak in the surroundings.

7. Arkansas Hwy 74 (56 miles)

Arkansas Highway 74, a 56-mile route through the Ozark Mountains, is a journey that combines scenic beauty with an engaging riding experience. This route is a favorite among bikers for its picturesque vistas and well-crafted winding roads. The journey offers a mix of serene stretches and exhilarating curves, appealing to riders seeking both tranquility and adventure.

8. Talimena Scenic Drive (18 miles)

The Talimena Scenic Drive, though only 18 miles long, is a spectacular showcase of the Ouachita Mountains. It's a route that emphasizes quality over quantity, with every mile offering breathtaking views of lush forests and undulating hills. The road's smooth twists and turns make it a joyful ride for bikers, and the frequent overlooks provide opportunities to stop and admire the stunning landscapes.

9. Arkansas Hwy 125 (23 miles)

Arkansas Highway 125 is a 23-mile route that takes riders through the captivating Ouachita Mountains. This road is a blend of scenic beauty and enjoyable riding challenges. The route is characterized by its lush forests and rolling hills, offering a refreshing experience to riders. It's a perfect choice for those who enjoy shorter rides without compromising on the quality of the experience.

Arkansas's motorcycle routes offer an incredible array of experiences for bikers. From serene scenic drives to challenging mountainous terrains, each route has its unique charm and appeal. Whether you're an experienced rider or just starting out, Arkansas's roads promise memorable rides amidst some of the most beautiful landscapes in the United States.

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