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Dealing with a Tornado's Aftermath: Steps for Insurance Claims

Ray Ellen

"I am passionate about helping people and HOME, and when you love what you do, you can make what is difficult look easy."  Walking the family tim...

"I am passionate about helping people and HOME, and when you love what you do, you can make what is difficult look easy."  Walking the family tim...

Apr 6 3 minutes read

Tornadoes are unpredictable and devastating natural disasters that can strike anywhere, anytime. If your home or business has been hit by a tornado, your first priority should be the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Once everyone is safe and accounted for, it's time to contact your insurance company to begin the claims process. Here are the first four things you should do for your insurance company once a tornado hits.

Contact Your Insurance Company

The first step is to contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the tornado hits. Most insurance companies have 24-hour helplines for emergencies like this. Once you have reached the insurance company, explain your situation, and provide them with any necessary details about the damage to your property. Your insurance company will provide you with further instructions on what to do next.

Document the Damage

It is crucial to document the damage caused by the tornado before you start cleaning up. Take photos and videos of the damage, including any personal property that has been destroyed or damaged. Make a list of all the damages that you have observed, and try to remember as much detail as possible. The more evidence you have, the easier it will be for your insurance company to process your claim.

Mitigate Further Damage

Your insurance policy likely requires you to mitigate further damage after a natural disaster. Take immediate steps to protect your property from further damage. This can include boarding up windows, covering damaged roofs, or removing debris that could cause further damage. Keep all receipts and documents related to the repairs or mitigation efforts, as your insurance company may reimburse you for these expenses.

Wait for the Insurance Adjuster

Your insurance company will assign an adjuster to assess the damage to your property. The adjuster will contact you to schedule a time to visit your property and assess the damage. It's important to be patient during this process, as it can take some time for the adjuster to contact you and schedule a visit. While you wait for the adjuster, continue to document the damage and take any necessary steps to mitigate further damage.

In conclusion, dealing with the aftermath of a tornado can be overwhelming, but taking these steps can help you begin the process of repairing and rebuilding. By contacting your insurance company, documenting the damage, mitigating further damage, and waiting for the insurance adjuster, you can begin the claims process and get the help you need to recover from this disaster.

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