Your Support

Supporting our agents is why we get out of bed in the morning. It is our primary focus as a company from the training that helps agents perfect their craft to our support staff that is comprised of listing managers, transaction coordinators, creative teams, marketing directors, managing brokers, and more, all geared to help agents have more time to do the things they love!

Your Marketing

The goal of our marketing is to provide value and tell stories; the story of a home, the story of a community, and the story of our agents.  Our story-brand and marketing is being shared in conferences around the world as examples of effective strategies and tactics that give our agents and our listings competitive advantages in the market place.

Your Technology

We are constantly evolving to stay ahead of the curve in the use of our technology; from our database and CRM that all agents have access to, to the transaction management software, to the "behind the scenes" and inner office communications as well as the data & analytics that we use to ensure that the marketing efforts for our clients and listings are targeted and not wasted.

Your Culture

Our company is a place to excel, improve each other, and enjoy being together. We strive for a cohesive professional fellowship among agents who are positive, peaceful, and purpose driven in all aspects of life. We support a culture of sharing and a culture professional development in the pursuit of the perfection in our craft as agents.